Use Cases

BASS is designed to be adaptable, customizable, and useful for almost any business

Wazo AI Use Cases Retail


BASS allows users to obtain specifics data points to help optimize store layouts. Heat maps, person counting, and real time analytics quantify conumser tendancies.

Use cases hotels


On top of the universally useful security and analytic features, BASS has unattended bag alerts, VIP profile groups, and other tools useful for hotel operations.

Wazo AI Use Cases Healthcare


With several built in public health features, BASS is the ideal system for hospitals, nursing homes, and other health-conscious facilities.

Wazo Use cases smart cities

Smart Cities

From traffic optimization to street safety, cities can use Wazo technology to improve public spaces.

Wazo Use Cases Factories and Warehouses

Factories and Warehouses

Factories often pose some risks to employees. With fall detection, PPE detection, and more, BASS protects businesses and their employees.

Wazo Use Cases Stadiums


Stadiums, arenas, and other large gatherings are nearly impossible to closely monitor with human labor.