Fully Customize your AI System

State Management

        State Management is the tool used to set any custom instruction for BASS to follow. Users can use nodal structures to set specific if/then instructions for the system to follow. Users can set specific line-based, zone-based, and full frame events to trigger real-time alerts, and set filters and specifiers on those events. For example, using profiles, users can set an alert to only go off if one or more specific people or cross a line (or, conversely, if anyone but a select group of people do). This is also useful for regulatory compliance, for instance, setting an alert if certain employees are not wearing legally required safety equipment, such as hardhats or masks. This tool can be used to prepare for very niche situations. Users can set “normal behaviors” for patrons, and if these norms are violated, the system alerts securities. This feature is called anomaly detection and it allows businesses to identify threats before they even manifest.