Understand Patrons & Employees

Human Detection

        A foundational ability of BASS is human detection. However, this system goes above and beyond simple detection. It recognizes, analyzes, and categorizes them. BASS’s facial identification feature saves up to 100,000 facial profiles and identifies faces with over 98% accuracy. Anonymity is ensured unless a person gives permission to attach their name to a system profile. Facial recognition is useful both with employees and patrons. With employee facial recognition, users assign clearance levels to specify security protocol. With customers, facial ID is used to determine customer regularity and collects metadata on average patron frequency. Facial recognition makes intrusion detection significantly more accurate. For example, if the system detects a non-employee face after business hours, it immediately alerts security.
        Our technology does not rely heavily on facial recognition after initial identification. We have developed unique multi-camera tracking that re-identifies people accurately without facial visibility using other attributes such as clothing, height, and body proportions. The system tracks people seamlessly from one camera feed to another. With this advanced camera technology, BASS maps and saves each customer’s individual journey taken, provided the floorspace is adequately covered by the cameras. BASS creates a unique anonymous profile for each customer which includes all information gathered from their visit, and appends new information each time they come back. This profile includes their journey map, clothing, demographics (age, gender, skin color, height), time and length of visit, a photo of their face, and some other attributes.