Wazo is a camera-based business analytics and security system powered by Artificial intelligence. It allows you to keep track of employees and customers, monitor and analyze shopping behavior, detect and prevent shoplifting, optimize displays and revenue, and much more.

Unlike other systems that send your data to the cloud, your Wazo device processes all video locally, on site in your business. Footage is protected with military-grade encryption and stored securely on your device. No company, government, or anyone else has access to your footage without your permission.

Wazo is interoperable and work with nearly all brands of security cameras. Just connect them to your Wazo hub, and they instantly become advanced AI-powered smart cameras.

When you add Wazo to your existing camera system, you’re adding a powerful AI that works for you 24/7. Wazo lets you capture and study customer behavior inside your business. Wazo can track engagement levels with your displays and store layout, count and recognize customers, monitor shopping and buying behavior, and help you optimize your operations for higher engagement and revenues. AI is the future of retail. Wazo makes that future a reality for you, today.

Wazo is a powerful and adaptable AI powered business intelligence system. We are constantly expanding the scenarios Wazo can recognize and analyze. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, just contact us to schedule a demo. We’ll show you exactly how Wazo can meet your business needs.

The Wazo Business Hub connects with 128 cameras, The Wazo Enterprise Hub connects with 256 cameras.

Wazo monitors and collects data from all cameras it connects with in real time.

Any monitor with a minimum resolution of 1280×720 will connect with Wazo.

No. Wazo processes all data locally.

Wazo can run without an internet connection, but it cannot connect with the outside world, so if you want to access your Wazo system remotely, or receive notifications from it, you’ll need an internet connection.

Wazo significantly cuts down on storage space by deleting video in which no human or notable object or event is in the frame. With this function, the length of time before the hub runs out of storage depends on how populated the business is. Normally, the internal storage will last at least three months.

As long as all locations have high speed internet, yes.