Quantify the Natural World

Animal Detection

        In addition to person and vehicle detection, our system can identify dozens of different types of animals. With this feature, BASS makes for excellent perimeter protection in any outdoor setting. For farm owners especially, our perimeter protection will allow for greater protection of their livestock and crops by continuously observing the environment. While observing, our system will look for predators and other unwanted animals in the area, sending an alert each time an unwanted animal is on the premises. This perimeter protection can also be set for other outdoor businesses, such as scrap yards, to screen for humans or vehicles.
        Animal detection is also applicable to roadside traffic studies to identify animal crossing paths. Optimizing road signage in this respect will reduce collisions saving human and animal lives. Animal counting is also useful for scientific use in population tracking studies, frequently conducted by the national forest service, the bureau of land management, and other federal and local agencies. If IP cameras are set up throughout an experimental forest, BASS estimates heat maps for different animal populations, which when combined with data from GPS trackers put on individual animals, will better help scientists understand the ecosystems they work with