Protect. Optimize. Understand.

Wazo’s comprehensive Business Analytics & Security System powered by AI. 


Wazo Human Detection

Human Detection

Wazo Animal Detection

Animal Detection

Wazo Vehicle Detection

Vehicle Detection

Wazo Inanimate Object Detection

Inanimate Object Detection

Situational Awareness

BASS goes beyond the basic object detection common in AI camera vision. With outstanding situational awareness, BASS understands events in real time and react to them almost instantly

Wazo Line-Based Events

Line-Based Events

Wazo Zone Based Events

Zone-Based Events

Wazo Full Frame Events

Full Frame Events

Wazo State Management

State Management

Wazo Data Mapping

Data Mapping

Wazo Attribute Detection


Wazo Intelligent VMS

Intelligent VMS

Wazo Profile Building


Intelligent Video Analytics

BASS analyzes trillions of data points per second, and has an intuitive user interface to select and view relevant information.  The system aggregates the data needed to optimize a business.