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Wazo’s iVMS platform reimagines modern video surveillance through seamless integration of deep learning, industry-leading ONVIF conformance, and a comprehensive suite of analytical tools. We’re setting a new standard for extracting insights from your video and audio data.

Advanced Neural Networks

The Wazo iVMS proudly features an expansive repository of pre-trained neural networks, each finely tuned for the precise tasks of object detection, segmentation, classification, and recognition. These sophisticated neural networks grant you the remarkable capability to analyze image, video, and audio data with unparalleled precision and sophistication. Empowering you to explore the nuances of your media content, extracting invaluable insights and transforming what was once considered ordinary into an extraordinary source of information.

Comprehensive Intelligence

The Wazo iVMS is not just a surveillance system; it’s a deep-learning platform that transforms media into actionable intelligence. Translate detection and tracklet coordinates into real-time geocoordinates, visualize data on interactive maps, and access a robust library of business intelligence tools. Monitor individuals, track demographics, analyze behavior, and perform facial recognition across multiple locations simultaneously, or run specialized analytics, including action recognition, traffic analysis, conversion tracking, trajectory clustering, all within a unified, user-friendly platform.

Efficient By Design

The Wazo iVMS streamlines your entire surveillance solution. Unlike traditional VMS systems that involve complex licensing, expensive servers, and a reliance on third-party analytics integrations, the Wazo iVMS covers all aspects in a single, seamless package. Our solution features industry-leading VMS software boasting unmatched ONVIF conformance, analytics powered by deep learning, and intuitive data exploration tools, it’s an all-in-one, all-inclusive, and highly efficient solution.

Interoperability Simplified

Gone are the days of dealing with proprietary systems that limit your hardware options. Wazo iVMS, as an ONVIF-compliant solution, opens up a world of possibilities. You can mix and match cameras and devices from various manufacturers, ensuring you get the best equipment for your specific needs without worrying about compatibility issues.